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We are a church located in the heart of the U of M Campus

Welcome to Covenant Life Church!

The gospel invites anyone to come to Jesus. So regardless of your background
or interests or lifestyle, you are welcome at Covenant Life.

A Little Bit About Us

Covenant Life Church began in the Fall of 2010 near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Purposely located in the heart of the Twin Cities and the University of Minnesota campus, we are made up of a balance of college and young married/single adults . Our desire is to serve college students, young adults, families and anyone else interested in living in light of the Gospel. The Bible tells us about a God who is deeply in love with humanity and invites us to experience true happiness as we enter into a love relationship with God. Whether you are familiar with the Christian faith or new to it, we welcome you to join us and get to know this loving God.

Our Vision

Our vision is driven by the desire to see the gospel transform lives and ultimately impact the world for God’s glory. We want to help college students catch a vision for God’s Kingdom and live their futures for God. We want to see young adults use their talents and resources to further God’s purposes. We want to see young families pattern their lives around God’s design for the family and display the gospel through their lives. Covenant Life Church is about coming to God as we are, and growing to love God so that we can serve Him wholeheartedly.

What do we believe?

We hold to the reformed theological position. What is Reformed theology?

Read below for more information.