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Welcome to Covenant Life Church!

The gospel invites anyone to come to Jesus. So regardless of your background or interests or lifestyle, you are welcome at Covenant Life Church.

A little bit about us

Covenant Life Church began in the Fall of 2010 near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. We are currently made up of a mix of college and young married/single adults. Our desire is to serve college students, young adults, families and anyone else interested in living in light of the Gospel. The Bible tells us about a God who deeply loves us and invites us to experience true joy as we enter into a love relationship with Him. Whether you are familiar with the Christian faith or new to it, we welcome you to join us and get to know this loving God together.

Our Vision

We exist to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ bring about genuine change in us, our church and the world for the glory of God.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold God’s Word and to meet and walk with God in every area and season of our lives; and to be a grace-filled community for the good of people and communities around us.

What do we believe?

CLC is a mission church of the Siouxlands Presbytery, the Presbyterian Church in America. We hold to Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechism. To learn more about our denomination’s beliefs, see here.